Different Types Of Hearing Aids And Their Reviews

Different Types Of Hearing Aids And Their Reviews

Hearing aids have been developed with a number of technical advances in both hardware and software components. There are a several different types of hearing aids which boast a number of pros and cons. Hearing aids are broadly classified into in the ear (ITE), behind the ear (BTE), in the canal (ITC), right in the ear (RITE), and more depending on the shape, size, and compactness of the hearing aid.

The different types of hearing aids are also classified according to their pros and cons reviewed to narrow down from the endless list of possibilities.

In the ear hearing aids: On the plus side, these hearing aid features twin microphones for more efficient sound calibration and directional output and are designed to aid people with severe hearing loss. But on the downside, these hearing aids are more prone to problems related to moisture and ear wax. In the hearing aids are difficult to handle and more susceptible to damages and frequent repairs, but the main disadvantage being feedback issues. Feedback is caused when there is an echo which creates a squealing sound and it is reflected back from the ear canal having no place to go because of the passage being blocked by the hearing aid. Digital hearing aids manage feedback well, but not all the models.

Completely in the canal hearing aid: Since the size of these hearing aids is very small, this makes it an ideal choice for most people who don’t want others to find out that they are wearing a hearing aid. Completely in the canal as the name suggests fits right in the ear canal and gives a better sound quality output because of the way it fits in the ear canal. But, on the other hand, this type of hearing aid also has problems with respect to feedback, needs constant care and repair, and people wearing CIC hearing aids experience the occlusion effect more than the others.

You can find more reviews about the different types of hearing aids online by doing a simple web search.