How To Compare Hearing Aids Brands

How To Compare Hearing Aids Brands

When you’re suffering from hearing loss, it is imperative that you make the right choices as they are going to have long term consequences, in terms of money as well as well being. For making the right brand choice, your hearing condition must be thoroughly assessed first. This is because different hearing aids work for different kind of hearing losses. For example, if you have a severe level of hearing loss then a completely in the canal hearing aid might not be the most viable choice, as it caters to someone who suffers from mild to moderate level of hearing damage. Your ENT or audiologist will accurately recommend the most practicable types of hearing aids for you.

After comprehensively figuring out your condition, you can start looking for brands that will have the right kind of hearing device for you. Basically, hearing devices are bifurcated in four types BTE (behind the ear), RIC (receiver in the canal), ITE (in the ear), and CIC (completely in the canal). These hearing aids differ in terms of size, technology, and cost.

Apart from aptness, if you are conscious about visibility, you can opt for a ITE or CIC, but even the latest variants of BTE and RIC are extremely discreet in design. To compare them further, look for additional features like feedback cancellation, background noise reduction, programming, smart connectivity, number of channels, and directional microphones.

Brands like Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Resound, HCX, Unitron, Starkey, Widex, Ovation, etc. produce hearing aid products that are amongst the top 25 hearing aids. You can choose the best devices from the popular brands based on your personal preferences and comfort. Other than hearing aids, these brands also provide accessories like chargers, batteries, dehumidifiers, cellphone connectors, remote controls, Bluetooth, audio streamers, smartphones apps, mics, etc. Make sure to check out their customer services with respect to checkups, counseling, and treatment.

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