Types Of Hearing Aids

Types Of Hearing Aids

Hearing aid is a medical device that helps amplify sounds so that a person with an ear damage can listen and communicate better. Currently an amplifier, a microphone, a speaker, a battery, and a smart chip are the basic elements of a hearing aid. Most hearing aids have a similar approach in application, but they can vastly differ in factors such as size and purpose.

Here are some of the most common types of hearing aids that you will find in the market.

BTE (behind the ear) – The BTE comprises of a casing that discreetly rests behind your ear directing a thin clear tube or an ear mold inside the ear. BTE can be used by all kinds of patients, i.e., suffering for mild-to-severe hearing loss.

RIC (receiver in the canal) – The RIC is basically similar to a BTE that has the speaker component structured at the end of the tip of the clear tube instead on the body. So, the speaker is placed inside the ear canal, but the other parts rest on the outside in a case. This too can be used for mild-to-profound level of ear damage.

ITE (in the ear) – ITE hearing aids are tiny machines that are placed in the external area of the ear. They comprise of a customized casting that securely sits in the outer ear. They are quite popular because they do not easily appear as a hearing aid and are easy to handle too. The ITE is used for minor-to-severe hearing loss.

IIC or CIC (in the canal/completely in the canal) – IIC or invisible hearing aids are ultra-tiny instruments that are placed deep inside the ear canal. They are completely invisible, so one need not be conscious about it being seen. They are custom fit, discreet, and made for individuals suffering from mild-to-moderate hearing loss. These are usually water resistant but not waterproof.

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