Types Of Oticon Hearing Aids

Types Of Oticon Hearing Aids

Types of Oticon hearing aids

Oticon enables patients with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss to hear and wear better with comfortable hearing aids that are not only acoustically but also visually ideal. Apart from providing ease of hearing at great prices, Oticon hearing aids come in sundry styles and types. With Oticon hearing devices, you have the option of choosing from a variety of colors, styles, and features. Listed below are two major types of Oticon hearing aids.

Behind the ear
These are the most popular types of hearing aids that help patients with severe hearing loss to place the device behind their ear for a comfortable hearing experience. Due to the behind the ear model, these aids are discreet and almost invisible when you wear them. These aids are also quite light and small. Behind-the-ear devices come in two variations. The first kind is with the receiver in the ear or RITE as it is often called. In RITE devices, the sound is transferred to the receiver via a thin wire in the ear canal. The other variation of behind-the-ear hearing aid that Oticon offers comes with a sound tube. These have a larger battery and are more powerful than their RITE counterparts.

Invisible in-the-ear
Invisible in-the-ear hearing aids are most suitable for patients with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. These devices are not as efficient or powerful for people with serious ear damage. This device is usually seated in the ear canal and is customized to suit the individual’s ear shape. The size and shape of the ear determines the type of hearing aid an individual would require. There are three basic variations in Oticon’s invisible in the ear device which is primarily based on the placement of the aid in the ear canal.

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